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Horndogs Beach Party / F.A.R.T. The Movie


Not Rated

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Brinke Stevens, Dawna Lee Heising, Conrad Brooks, Kesha, Larry Thomas


Ray Etheridge, Dustin Ferguson


HORNDOGS BEACH PARTY (2018): Two best friends rent a beach house for the weekend only to discover that it's already occupied... by two drop-dead gorgeous babes! Not satisfied with spying on the ladies in their double-D bras, the wannabe Romeos pull out all the stops to impress them by throwing the greatest weekend-long party ever... the epic 'Horndogs Beach Party!' Meanwhile a nosey neighbor and some jealous jocks have sabotage on their minds, meaning the party may end before the wet t-shirt contest can even begin!

Horndogs Beach Party is independent filmmakers Henrique Couto and Dustin Ferguson's loving tribute to USA Up All Night, the USA Network's weekend block of raunchy teen comedies from the 80s and 90s. It even has its own host in the style of Rhonda Shearer, the BDSM-obsessed 'Sister Sadie.' Horndogs Beach Party is presented completely uncensored! Featuring scream queen Brinke Stevens and Dawna Lee Heising (Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance).

F.A.R.T. THE MOVIE (1991): The movie "they" said could never be made! Russell is a young man with two passions: farting and watching television. His girlfriend, Heather, hates both those things. She worries if they ever allow farting on television, he'll never leave the house. One evening Russell sits down in front of the TV and lo and behold, everything has become fart-related, from the sitcoms and commercials, to the newscasts and game shows! If Russell can't rip himself away from the television to attend a swanky soirée, he and Heather's love will blow away like farts in the wind.

Written by Steven Banks (The Steven Banks Show, SpongeBob Squarepants) and Drew McWeeny ('Moriarty' of Ain't It Cool News fame), F.A.R.T. The Movie was a labor of love for director Ray Etheridge, who shot on a very low budget over 30 days. The all-star cast includes Ed Wood regular Conrad Brooks, Robert Axelrod (Lord Zedd on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) Jason Barry (Leonardo DiCaprio's Irish pal Tommy in Titanic), Larry Thomas (the Soup Nazi on Seinfeld), and Bruce Campbell's brother, Don. Pop star Kesha makes her screen debut as a 4-year old during "The Bong Show" segment (her mother, Pebe Sebert, performs as part of 'The Medicine Wheel Band.') The Found Footage Festival has called F.A.R.T. The Movie their "all-time favorite find" – this flatulent feature is one you most definitely don't want to miss!




Not Rated


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