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Gakko School: Live! Another Story


Not Rated

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Adn brsfgkg010 Blu-ray
UPC: 816726024844

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On Blu-ray August 10 2021Now Available
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Product Details


Issei Shibata


What does your school mean to you? For a handful of students at Megurigaoka Private High School, the answer is going to be salvation as they start their worst day of classes ever. It begins quietly, with only the fact that some students aren't showing up for classes to hint at what's about to begin. Then the killing starts as the school's student body start to turn into reanimated student bodies, taking an early lunch break to devour their former classmates! By the time our group of female survivors realizes that they're in the middle of a zombie epidemic, their only chance of staying alive lies in barricading themselves into the building. What they don't realize yet is that this is only Day One, and they may be living there for the rest of their lives in Gakko***?SCHOOL-LIVE! Another Story




Not Rated


111 Minutes


Section23 Films