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Radio Flyer

Rated PG-13

Box Office: $0.0M


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Col d06710d DVD Widescreen
UPC: 043396067103
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UPC: 043396564442

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In Theaters N/A
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On Blu-ray April 28 2020Now Available
On DVD October 12 2004Now Available

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Elijah Wood, Joseph Mazzello, Adam Baldwin, Lorraine Bracco, John Heard, Ben Johnson, Sean Baca, Robert Munic, Tom Hanks


Richard Donner


Lorraine Bracco (Medicine Man, Goodfellas), John Heard (Home Alone, Awakenings) and Oscar - winner Ben Johnson (Best Supporting Actor, 1971, The Last Picture Show) star in this moving story of a family torn apart by violence - and healed by imagination. Elijah Wood (Lord of the Rings Trilogy) and Joseph Mazzello (Jurassic Park) co-star as Bracco's two young sons, devoted brothers who escape their chaotic family life with dreams of flying. Inspired by a local legend, they attempt to build a working airplane. And in the process of transforming their ordinary red wagon into a fantastical flying machine, they transform their own lives into an extraordinary adventure. A beautifully-made movie filled with all the heartache and joy of childhood, RADIO FLYER is "daring, amazing, and wonderful. A deeply moving film." (Dennis Cunningham, WCBS-TV)


Rated PG-13


114 Minutes