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The Wackiest Cartoons of All Time! Volume 1 Uncensored Animation from the 1930s


Not Rated

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12/27/2021 Not Available

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Mel Blanc, Billy Bletcher, Tommy Bond, Bernice Hansen, Joe Dougherty


Jack King, Tex Avery, Friz Freleng, Frank Tashlin, Cal Dalton


Starting in the 1930s, animated cartoons started to get really WACKY! Fresh young talent were rising up in the animation industry and they wanted to create something funny and zany rather than the Disney-esque musicals that many studios were desperately trying to imitate. Their work is still just as funny and wacky today as it was in the 1930s, giving generations of fans a good belly laugh!

Hollywood Capers (Dir. Jack King, Oct. 1935, B+W)
Boom Boom (Dir. King, Feb. 1936, B+W)
Westward Whoa (Dir. King, April 1936, B+W)
Porky's Garden (Dir. Tex Avery, Sept. 1937, B+W)
I Wanna Be a Sailor (Dir. Avery, Sept. 1937, color)
Jungle Jitters (Dir.Friz Freleng, Feb. 1938, color) *
Have You Got Any Castles? (Dir. Frank Tashlin & Freleng, June 1938, color)
Hamateur Night (Dir. Avery, Jan. 1939, color)
Robin Hood Makes Good (Dir. Chuck Jones, Feb. 1939, color)
Gold Rush Daze (Dir. Cal Dalton & Ben Hardaway, Feb. 1939, color)
A Day at the Zoo (Dir. Avery, March 1939, color)
Prest-O Change-O (Dir. Jones, March 1939, color)
Bars and Stripes Forever (Dir. Dalton & Hardaway, April 1939, color)
Daffy and the Dinosaur (Dir. Jones, April 1939, color)

BONUS FEATURE: "Breakdowns of 1939" (B+W) In this full uncut version of the viral gag reel, we get to see several famous Warner stars goof up their lines, including Porky, who swears!

* One of the infamous "Censored 11", this cartoon has not been shown on TV for several decades due to negative portrayals of African Americans. Viewer discretion is advised.




Not Rated


0117 Minutes


Allied Vaughn