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08/20/2020 Not Available
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07/01/2003 Not Available

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Matthew LeBlanc, Jayne Brook, Bill Cobbs, Jack Warden, Jay Caputo, Denise Cheshire, Doren Fein, Patrick Kerr, Charlie Schlatter, Carl Anthony Payne II, Curt Kaplan, Zacharias Ward, Mike McGlone, Jim Caviezel, Valente Rodriguez


Bill Couturie


Rosalie Swedlin


You'll go bananas for baseball's funniest rookie when Friends star Matt LeBlanc teams up with the hottest third baseman this side of Cooperstown: Ed, a chimp who's the reigning champ of friendship and fly balls.Pitcher Jack "Deuce" Cooper (LeBlanc) is in a major bind when he makes it to the minor leagues and gets stage fright on the mound. Back on the farm, he's dynamite; in front of a crowd, he chokes. But good luck swings to the rescue when a hairy hero steps up to the plate!Jack's new teammate - and roommate - is Ed, a chimpanzee who turns out to be a born baseball player, a bona fide matchmaker and the best buddy Jack ever had. With Ed's help, the Santa Rosa Rockets just might clinch the pennant, and Jack will learn that the first rule of the game is to have fun.Jayne Brook, Jack Warden and Bill Cobbs co-star in this hilarious, heartwarming family comedy that hits a home run of laughs with every play.




Rated PG
language, crude humor and brief mild violence


94 Minutes



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