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Playstation All-Star Battle Royale


Rated T

PS Vita


Boxart Format UPC Release Date
Psv sce 22060 PS Vita 711719220602 11/20/2012

Product Details

PS Vita


How many times have you thought about your favorite PlayStation characters and asked yourself who would win in a fight? Would it be Sly Cooper or Kratos? Sweet Tooth or PaRappa the Rapper? Gamers everywhere engage in this argument, heatedly comparing skills, techniques and powers. Most of the time, it comes to a draw, or something close to it. But there's one thing these arguments can't take into consideration - you.


It's your time to prove once and for all that your favorite character and your skill make the ultimate gaming warrior in an epic Battle Royale that your friends will be talking about for months. Pit characters from all across the gaming spectrum against each other and watch the results unfold as they battle with unique techniques in a mash-up of interactive environments true to the games from which they came. Settle that age-old argument and play with your friends or test your favorite characters' skills online in some competitive multiplayer action. No matter how you take to the battlefield, one thing is certain ��" you've already chosen your side. Now it's time to back it up.

Key Features:

Challenge your favorite PlayStation characters from all over the gaming spectrum to epic, challenging, exciting battles that are addicting, enjoyable and easy-to-play
Become the battle commander to over 20 first- and third-party PlayStation characters, including Kratos, Sly Cooper, Sweet Tooth, PaRappa the Rapper and more, with a unique set of attacks and moves characteristic to the personalities you know and love
Obliterate your opponents online in competitive multiplayer action or face off with a group of friends to see whose favorite character is truly the ultimate warrior
Revisit each character's world in a mash-up of interactive environments created from different PlayStation games




Rated T (Teen)