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Open Country


Rated T

PlayStation 4


Boxart Format UPC Release Date
Ps4 505 01234 PlayStation 4 812872012346 09/28/2021
Xb1 505 01235 XBOX ONE 812872012353 09/28/2021

Product Details

PlayStation 4


Open country expands on the Cabela's hunting games by offering an open world exploration and survival game on top that lets players experience the Joy of being in the wilderness any time. The player must manage their overall wellbeing by making strategic choices about how they spend their energy and Daylight hours prepping for long Nights and equally long journeys. The arcade hunting experience that players love mixed with unique missions and survival elements that expand the genre. Open country gives players the chance to make real choices. Just like in the actual wilderness, all actions have consequences. The player has the opportunity to complete various tasks with the goal of becoming a master outdoorsman. Hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, and wildlife survival are all elements that are distributed throughout the game's missions, and the player gains experience after each task is completed. You choose - players can experience the peacefulness of the outdoors, or they can seek to reach 100% completion. The game is a fun and expansive arcade style take on a proven open world genre. Being part of nature - open country rewards players by giving them an opportunity to be part of an ecosystem. Survival - elements of danger are always around just like in the wild. Along with hunting, players can build campsites, explore the map with off-road vehicles, customize their player, and much more!




Rated T (Teen)


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