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Rated T

Nintendo Switch


Boxart Format UPC Release Date
Ps5 gs2 00127 PlayStation 5 850047777102 05/30/2023
Ps4 gs2 00126 PlayStation 4 850047777096 05/30/2023
Missing art xs XBOX SERIES X 850047777126 05/30/2023
Swi gs2 00128 Nintendo Switch 850047777119 05/30/2023

Product Details

Nintendo Switch


Your day started as planned. Motivated and full of ambition you started the run of your life, in the middle of the desert, surrounded by like-minded people. The months of hard training should finally bear fruit. Suddenly, you were caught in a monstrous sandstorm and now you find yourself alone in an inhospitable, hot environment. Deserted and merciless, an ocean of sand stretches to the horizon. You feel the scorching heat on your skin, sand blowing right at your face, far and wide only vast desert ... but wait, what is that? Something is moving in the far distance. What happened? Your first thought: Survival. Your second thought: Rescue will surely come. The bitter realization: No one will come, you are completely on your own. The big question: Where are you and why are there two moons in the night sky?

Large open game world in an exciting desert setting with an area of over 64 km2
The lovingly designed world, far away from civilization, holds many impressive monuments, artifacts, and creatures of the past, as well as modern times
Survival action par excellence; Weather and desert capers as well as terrestrial and extra-terrestrial enemies awaken the pure survival instinct
Gather, build, secure - for protection against heat, cold, and the unknown enemy
Dynamic weather and day/night changes demand good planning, wise action, and a large portion of courage, especially in the desert




Rated T (Teen)


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