Today:  09/28/2022

Review: Rob Zombie's 'The Munsters' is definitely something to behold

Posted September 27,2022 - 01:53 PM


I have an admission to share with you. As part of my job, I was able to screen The Munsters back in early June. Naturally, I didn't waste any time and went home and watched it later that night.

I was less than impressed. In fact, when the teaser trailer came out a few days later and then the full trailer a month or so after that, I continued to bite my tongue. Mostly because I really love my job and I don't want to do anything to jeopardize it, but also because I knew that The Munsters is a passion project for Rob Zombie while my interest in the 1960s TV series was mostly in syndication re-watch.

In other words, I wasn't an expert in The Munsters and it was quite possible that I simply didn't get all of the deep references that a more knowledgeable fan would be giddy over. As time...

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Review: 'Bullet Proof' is the epitome of mindless violence

Posted September 27,2022 - 12:29 PM


Whether or not you will like Bullet Proof will depend on your feelings toward mindless violence. If you're a "yes please" sort of person when it comes to your action violence, then you'll most likely love the latest film from Vinnie Jones.

If you're more of a plot person, then you might want to skip this one.

Not all films are created equal and not everyone has to love a film for it to be enjoyable for you. As suspected, when I looked up the reviews of Bullet Proof, there is a giant divide between the critics who didn't care for it very much and the "average Joe" who seemed to be more entertained than not.

This difference of opinion is not unexpected as critics tend to fawn all over awards-contenders (especially at this point in the year) and generally pan all action films, save for...

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Review: 'Theodore Roosevelt' is the Presidential documentary we need right now

Posted September 20,2022 - 04:07 PM


If there's one thing that the History Channel does really well, it's producing historical docudrama films that educate and entertain the audience. Leonardo DiCaprio and Doris Kearns Goodwin have produced these shows on George Washington and Abraham Lincoln and are now turning their sights on Theodore Roosevelt.

The youngest U.S. President ever to take office, Roosevelt has cultivated an aura of mystique over the last 100 years. This show gives the audience a deep dive into the facts and fiction of his life as well as a new perspective on his legacy and what it means in the current political landscape.

Republicans today like to claim that Abraham Lincoln was a member of their party, as was Roosevelt, but it's pretty clear that the values of today's Republican party would be foreign to...

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Review: 'Minions: Rise of Gru' hits all the right nostalgic notes

Posted September 06,2022 - 04:51 PM

239784 ka3ub7

My daughter and I have recently started the long and arduous journey of discovering horror films. She is a tween and fueled by her love of Stranger Things, she was keen to see more content in this genre, but horror films are tricky - especially at this age.

The one thing that we've both noticed is that there's a direct correlation between quality and original filmmaker involvement. The longer a franchise moves away from the original writers and directors, the less enjoyable the individual films tend to be.

Sure, there are exceptions to every rule, but this sort of parallel is seen in all films regardless of genre â” case in point, animated children's movies. Studios relish making endless entries in these franchises to capture both the original audiences and a new generation.

Enter ...

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Review: 'Paradise Highway' puts human trafficking in the high beams

Posted September 06,2022 - 02:52 PM


If you've ever been on a road trip for any extended period of time, then you know how ubiquitous semi-trucks are on America's roadways. They are a vital cog in our economy, moving goods from point A to point B and insuring that business continues to run smoothly.

While they are everywhere, we rarely spend much time thinking about what each individual truck is carrying. Sure, there are might some obvious clues such as Amazon's smiling logo or the stench from a hog hauler (that's a real thing and if you've smelled one, you know it), but most time these anonymous trucks zoom past us and we don't give them a second thought.

Unfortunately, these trucks sometimes contain horrible secrets that we don't really talk about. We have all heard about human trafficking, but sadly we haven't really...

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Review: 'American Carnage' shows off the horror of politics

Posted August 30,2022 - 04:20 PM

Am carnage

I am as big a fan of horror films as you will find. Heck, I've even created a horror podcast with my daughter. So, when the opportunity to review a horror movie comes up, I'm always like a kid in a video store in the mid-1980s.

Enter American Carnage and director Diego Hallivis who, along with his brother Julio, is making a name for himself in the horror genre. While the pair hasn't quite reached the heights of Jordan Peele, they are quietly building a resumà on the cusp of breaking out with widespread success.

American Carnage is their horror homage to Hispanic culture in much the same way that Peele was able to redefine the horror genre for African Americans. However, the main difference between American Carnage and Get Out is the driving parallel in American Carnage between the...

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Review: Relive the time of your life with the 4K UHD version of 'Dirty Dancing'

Posted August 23,2022 - 03:55 PM


A decade before Celine told us that her "heart will go on," we had "the time of our lives" with Dirty Dancing. When you think of Dirty Dancing, one of two things most likely pop into your head, either the quote "Nobody puts Baby in a corner" or the song "(I've Had) The Time of My Life."

In 1987, I was 13 years old and in the throes of puberty. Enter Jennifer Grey. What was most likely a benign movie about a family vacation in upstate New York took on a whole different meaning for those of us experiencing certain feelings for the first time.

Of course, I wasn't the only one having these feelings. For those looking for arousal from someone more of the male persuasion, Patrick Swayze solidified his place in popular culture as the sexy bad boy opposite Jennifer Grey's chaste Daddy's girl....

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Review: Go West and enjoy 'Murder at Yellowstone City'

Posted August 23,2022 - 11:43 AM

Yellowstone city

There was a time in Hollywood when you couldn't spit without hitting a spittoon on some Old West set. Westerns were as ubiquitous with movies back then as comic book films are today.

They were everywhere and we couldn't get enough.

Times change and, with it, our appetites for entertainment change as well. While you could argue that some of the Marvel films are simply Westerns set in space, you really have to squint hard to see the resemblance.

And yet, there is something about the Western film that genuinely resonates with an American audience. I'm unsure if it's connected to our shared past or the unrestrained optimism for a better life, but people genuinely enjoy a well-made Western film.

Enter Murder at Yellowstone City.

The once peaceful and booming Yellowstone City has fallen...

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Review: 'The Black Phone' brings back creepy nostalgia

Posted August 16,2022 - 05:00 PM

240186 0lbako

It's hard to imagine what Scott Derrickson's Doctor Strange 2 film might have looked like, but it's clear with his latest offering, The Black Phone, the horror filmmaker has found his calling. After splitting with Marvel due to the proverbial "creative differences," Derrickson turned his focus onto The Black Phone and, in doing so, he brought a new horror classic to life.

Set in the late 1970s and based on a short story from Joe Hill, The Black Phone is a perfect mix of serial killer nostalgia and total fear that few other horror films seem capable of tapping into these days. As someone who grew up in the late '70s and early '80s, this film struck a particular unnerving chord for me.

I grew up in the suburbs of Detroit in 1984 and while we were cheering on our beloved Detroit Tigers...

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Review: 'Men' is uncomfortable and toxic, which is sort of the point

Posted August 09,2022 - 04:55 PM

243368 2ra3wt

I'm not sure if there is a more interesting director working in film today than Alex Garland. He's quickly putting himself up there in the ranks of Fincher and del Toro and Lynch in terms of his unique visual style.

As a director, Men is his third film and is easily his most ambitious from both a stylistic and message standpoint. If Ex Machina was a treatise on artificial intelligence and Annihilation explored humanity's lack of understanding of extraterrestrial life, then Men would be the logical next step of introspection.

It is far from an easy watch and the subject matter is undoubtedly not mainstream-friendly, but that doesn't diminish the fact that Men might be one of the most important films of our times. With its many allusions to society's long-standing reliance on patriarchy...

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