Could 'Joe Millionaire' Be The Next 'Superman'?

Posted February 17,2003 - 10:59 PM

Fast from his choice of Zora over Sarah comes a rumor that could extend Evan Marriott's 15 minutes of fame. The rumor (which we first reported over a week ago!) is that the Joe Millionaire bachelor could land the lead role in the next Superman movie from Warner Bros. According to the NY Post, casting agents are hot on his trail thanks to the estimated 35 million people who watched Monday night's finale on Fox. If long-shot Marriott does get the gig, it could simply be because no one else wants it. Brendan Fraser, Jude Law, Josh Hartnett and even Ashton Kutcher have already passed on becoming the next Man of Steel. According to one Hollywood casting agent, Marriott won't get the role just for his looks, "'Joe Millionaire' is a good-looking guy... But have you noticed what happens when he opens his mouth? It's like, whoa, please, don't speak." Alums of reality TV shows have not faired well after their climatic and ratings-grabbing finales. 'Survivor' cutie Colleen Haskell did star with Rob Schneider in The Animal but has since disappeared. A few stars from the longest-standing of the recent reality TV surge, MTV's The Real World, have done well. Hawaii alum Teck Holmes appeared in Van Wilder and most recently had a part on TV's 'Friends'. Various others still appear as reporters and presenters on news shows and other programs, not to mention MTV's countless Real World reunions. But as for 'Joe'? Studio execs like to stick to tried-and-true formulas -- often to the point of going too far. Warner Bros., despite the current hype and rumor-mongering over 'Joe Millionaire', will surely not wager their beloved franchise on just anyone. The fact that Fox gave him a share in $1 million will have no bearing on that -- and that's no lie.