Audrey Tautou

First Name: Audrey
Last Name: Tautou
Sex: Female
Date of Birth: August 09, 1978
Birth Place: Beaumont, France
Description: Twice nominated for the Cesar (France's biggest industry award), Audrey Tautou brings pure French talent to the American screens. Her fresh face and young talent gives audiences everywhere something to look forward to. See Audrey in Amelie, a little love story. Rent it today!

Audrey Tautou Movies

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The Trouble with You

Street Date:  02/11/2020

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Adele Haenel | Pio Marmai | Damien Bonnard | Audrey Tautou | Vincent Elbaz

Director:  Pierre Salvadori

A young widow discovers that a young man is a scapegoat.

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Scn dsm801596d

The Jesus Rolls

Street Date:  05/05/2020

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  John Turturro | Bobby Cannavale | Jon Hamm | Audrey Tautou | Christopher Walken | Gloria Reuben | Sonia Braga | JB Smoove | Pete Davidson

Director:  John Turturro

Jesus is released from prison and adventures ensue.

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Going Places

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  John Turturro | Susan Sarandon | Bobby Cannavale | Audrey Tautou | Gloria Reuben | J.B. Smoove | Sonia Braga | Pete Davidson | Michael Badalucco | Margaret Reed | Rosa Gilmore | Slim Khezri | Kathryn Kates | Derek Zuzunaga | Charles Prendergast

Director:  John Turturro

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The Odyssey

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Lambert Wilson | Pierre Niney | Audrey Tautou | Laurent Lucas | Benjamin Lavernhe | Vincent Heneine | Thibault de Montalembert | Roger Van Hool | Chloe Hirschman | Adam Neill | Olivier Galfione | Martin Loizillon | Ulysse Stein

Director:  Jerome Salle

A look at the life and work of Jacques Cousteau.

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Scn dsm801458d

Microbe & Gasoline

Street Date:  10/04/2016

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Ange Dargent | Theophile Baquet | Diane Besnier | Audrey Tautou | Vincent Lamoureux | Agathe Peigney | Douglas Brosset | Charles Raymond | Ferdinand Roux-Balme | Marc Delarue | Ely Penh

Director:  Michel Gondry

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Kch brcmg7807

Chinese Puzzle

Theatrical Release Date:  05/16/2014

Street Date:  10/14/2014

Box Office:  $0.3 Million

Cast:  Audrey Tautou | Romain Duris | Kelly Reilly | Toshiko Onizawa | Cecile de France

Director:  Cedric Klapisch

A 40-year-old father of two, still finds life very compli...

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Mvd br7103431

Mood Indigo

Theatrical Release Date:  07/18/2014

Street Date:  11/11/2014

Box Office:  $0.2 Million

Cast:  Audrey Tautou | Romain Duris | Omar Sy | Gad Elmaleh | Tilly Scott Pedersen

Director:  Michel Gondry

Eminently inventive Michel Gondry finds inspiration from ...

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Mpi d9018d


Street Date:  11/19/2013

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Audrey Tautou | Gilles Lellouche | Anais Demoustier | Catherine Arditi

Director:  Claude Miller

Audrey Tautou stars as a provincial housewife in 1920s Fr...

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Kch brcmg7316


Street Date:  09/25/2012

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Audrey Tautou | Francois Damiens | Bruno Todeschini | Melanie Bernier | Josephine de Meaux | Pio Marmai | Monique Chaumette | Marc Citti | Alexandre Pavloff | Vittoria Scognamiglio | Olivier Cruveiller | Ariane Ascaride | Christophe Malavoy | Audrey Fleurot | Benedicte Ernoult

Director:  David Foenkinos , Stephane Foenkinos

DELICACY features Tautou as Nathalie, a beautiful, happy ...

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Col br33163

Coco Before Chanel

Theatrical Release Date:  09/25/2009

Street Date:  02/16/2010

Box Office:  $6.0 Million

Cast:  Audrey Tautou [Coco Chanel] | Alessandro Nivola | Benoit Poelvoorde | Emmanuelle Devos

Director:  Anne Fontaine

True story of orphan turned legendary couturier.

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Flp br12606


Theatrical Release Date:  03/28/2008

Street Date:  11/18/2008

Box Office:  $2.0 Million

Cast:  Audrey Tautou [Irene] | Gad Elmaleh [Jean] | Marie-Christine Adam | Vernon Dobtcheff | Jacques Spiesser | Annelise Hesme

Director:  Pierre Salvadori

Jean (Gad Elmaleh), a shy young bartender, is mistaken fo...

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Gep d79541d

Russian Dolls

Street Date:  09/26/2006

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Kelly Reilly | Audrey Tautou | Kevin Bishop | Romain Duris | Cecile De France | Irene Montala | Lucy Gordon

Director:  Cedric Klapisch

Aspiring novelist looks for something to turn his life.

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Col d48383d

The Da Vinci Code

Theatrical Release Date:  05/19/2006

Street Date:  11/14/2006

Box Office:  $217.5 Million

Cast:  Tom Hanks [Robert Langdon] | Audrey Tautou [Sophie Neveu] | Ian McKellen [Sir Leigh Teabing] | Alfred Molina [Bishop Aringarosa] | Jean Reno [Bezu Fache] | Paul Bettany [Silas the Albino] | Jurgen Prochnow [Andre Vernet] | Etienne Chicot [Lt. Collet] | Jean-Pierre Marielle [Jacques Sauniere] | Clive Carter | Seth Gabel

Director:  Ron Howard

Symbol expert is set on trail of an ancient secret.

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Kch dklf3007d

God Is Great & I'm Not

Street Date:  05/11/2004

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Audrey Tautou | Edouard Baer | Julie Depardieu | Catherine Jacob

Director:  Pascale Bailly

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War d38972d

A Very Long Engagement

Theatrical Release Date:  11/26/2004

Street Date:  07/12/2005

Box Office:  $6.2 Million

Cast:  Audrey Tautou | Gaspard Ulliel | Dominique Pinon | Clovis Cornillac | Jerome Kircher | Jodie Foster | Julie Depardieu | Tcheky Karyo

Director:  Jean-Pierre Jeunet

Woman searches for lost, presumed dead, fiance.

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Frf d916479d

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

Theatrical Release Date:  02/14/2003

Street Date:  08/12/2003

Box Office:  $1.0 Million

Cast:  Audrey Tautou | Samuel Le Bihan | Isabelle Carre

Director:  Laetitia Colombani

Art student Angelique (Audrey Tautou) is madly in love wi...

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Par d803360d

Dirty Pretty Things

Theatrical Release Date:  07/18/2003

Street Date:  03/23/2004

Box Office:  $8.1 Million

Cast:  Audrey Tautou | Chiwetel Ejiofor | Sergi Lopez | Sophie Okonedo | Benedict Wong

Director:  Stephen Frears

Turkish chambermaid works at a sleazy west London hotel.

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L'Auberge Espagnole

Theatrical Release Date:  05/16/2003

Street Date:  09/18/2003

Box Office:  $3.8 Million

Cast:  Audrey Tautou | Romain Duris | Judith Godreche | Kelly Reilly | Kevin Bishop | Cristina Brondo | Barnaby Metschurat

Director:  Cedric Klapisch

A French exchange student in Barcelona shares apartment.

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Street Date:  04/23/2002

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Audrey Tautou | Faudel | Eric Savin | Irene Ismailoff | Eric Feldman


Six strangers meet through unlikely turn of events.

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Par d59214183d


Theatrical Release Date:  11/03/2001

Street Date:  07/16/2002

Box Office:  $32.3 Million

Cast:  Audrey Tautou | Mathieu Kassovitz | Rufus | Yolande Moreau | Artus de Penguern | Dominiuqe Pinon

Director:  Jean-Pierre Jeunet

A young woman brings magic into people's lives.

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