Ben Affleck

First Name: Ben
Last Name: Affleck
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: August 15, 1972
Birth Place: Berkeley, California
Height: 6 Feet 3.5 Inches
Description: This actor has to be in the top five of any women's fantasy list. Ben Affleck is not only blessed with looks, body and a smile from heaven, but pure talent. He took Hollywood by surprise in Chasing Amy, won a writing Oscar for Good Will Hunting, hooked up with Gywneth in Shakespeare In Love and again in Bounce and ruled the skies in earl Harbor</a>. This weekend he's <a href="/items/">Changing Lanes</a> and PSamuel L. Jackson doesn't like it. It opens tomorrow at theaters everywhere.

Ben Affleck Movies

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Clerks III

Theatrical Release Date:  09/13/2022

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Brian O'Halloran | Jeff Anderson | Jason Mewes | Kevin Smith | Rosario Dawson | Trevor Fehrman | Marilyn Ghigliotti | Austin Zajur | Scott Schiaffo | Lisa Hampton | AJ Wilkerson | Jason Szalma | Michelle Santiago | Setty Brosevelt | Bobby Favoretto | Bob Leszczak | Ben Affleck | Justin Long

Director:  Kevin Smith

Randal decides to make a movie immortalizing his life.

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War br804710

Zack Snyder's Justice League Trilogy

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Ben Affleck | Henry Cavill | Amy Adams | Gal Gadot | Michael Shannon | Diane Lane | Jason Momoa | Amber Heard | Jesse Eisenberg | Ezra Miller | J.K. Simmons | Jeremy Irons | Willem Dafoe | Ray Fisher | Shalini Peiris


Includes Man of Steel, Batman v Superman & Justice League.

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Mvd dm8583d


Street Date:  12/28/2021

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Kevin Smith | Scott Mosier | Ben Affleck | Stan Lee | Jason Mewes | Craig Fleming | Joey Lauren Adams

Director:  Malcolm Ingram

A documentary on the career and life of Kevin Smith.

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Dsp dsbs007d

Magnum Dopus: The Making of Jay and Silent Bob Reboot

Street Date:  11/09/2021

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Kevin Smith | Jason Mewes | Ben Affleck | Matt Damon | Rosario Dawson | Justin Long | Joey Lauren Adams | Jason Lee

Director:  Josh Roush

A documentary about the making of Jay & Silent Bob Reboot.

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Fox br213285

The Last Duel

Theatrical Release Date:  10/15/2021

Street Date:  12/14/2021

Box Office:  $10.5 Million

Cast:  Matt Damon | Adam Driver | Jodie Comer | Harriet Walter | Ben Affleck | Alex Lawther | Marton Csokas | William Houston | Oliver Cotton | Aurélien Lorgnier | Nathaniel Parker | Tallulah Haddon | Bryony Hannah | Thomas Silberstein | Adam Goodwin | Ian Pirie | Daniel Horn | Michael McElhatton | Sam Hazeldine | Clive Russell

Director:  Ridley Scott

A gripping tale of betrayal and vengeance.

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Missing art medium

The Last Thing He Wanted

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Ben Affleck | Anne Hathaway | Willem Dafoe | Toby Jones | Rosie Perez | Edi Gathegi | Mel Rodriguez | Carlos Leal | Laura Niemi | Onata Aprile | David Vadim | Jene | TeriEnna Blanco | Bill Kelly

Director:  Dee Rees

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War br750702

The Way Back

Theatrical Release Date:  03/06/2020

Street Date:  05/19/2020

Box Office:  $13.4 Million

Cast:  Ben Affleck | Janina Gavankar | Michaela Watkins | Da'Vinchi | Hayes MacArthur | Rachael Carpani | Glynn Turman | T.K. Carter | Lukas Gage | Inka Kyto | Marlene Forte | Melvin Gregg | Al Madrigal | Yeniffer Behrens | Chris Bruno

Director:  Gavin O'Connor

A basketball phenom looks for redemption as a coach.

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Par d59213213d

Samuel L. Jackson 7-Movie Collection

Street Date:  09/22/2020

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Samuel L. Jackson | Christian Bale | Vanessa Williams | Philip Bosco | Tommy Lee Jones | Blair Underwood | Kim Delaney | Ashanti | Rick Gonzalez | Channing Tatum | Ben Affleck | Toni Collette | Amanda Peet | Jessica Lange | Halle Berry | David Strathairn | Cuba Gooding Jr. | Christina Ricci | Justin Timberlake | S. Epatha Merkerson | Vin Diesel | Asia Argento | Joe Bucara III


7 great movies, all starring Samuel L. Jackson.

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War d743531d

DC 3-Film Collection: Aquaman / Justice League / Wonder Woman

Street Date:  06/04/2019

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Jason Momoa | Amber Heard | Dolph Lundgren | Nicole Kidman | Patrick Wilson | Randall Park | Willem Dafoe | Henry Cavill | Ben Affleck | Gal Gadot | Amy Adams | Jesse Eisenberg | Ezra Miller | Chris Pine | Connie Nielsen | Robin Wright | Ewen Bremner | Elena Anaya | David Thewlis

Director:  James Wan

Contains Wonder Woman, Justice League and Aquaman.

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Par d59207999d

Holiday Laughs 4-Movie Collection

Street Date:  10/15/2019

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Ben Affleck | Eddie Murphy | Jason Bateman | Mel Gibson | Will Ferrell


A collection of four holiday laughs films.

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Lge br57643

Jay & Silent Bob Reboot

Theatrical Release Date:  10/15/2019

Street Date:  01/21/2020

Box Office:  $2.8 Million

Cast:  Brian O'Halloran | Jason Mewes | Kevin Smith | Jason Lee | David Dastmalchian | Donnell Rawlings | Grant Gustin | Shannon Elizabeth | Tom Cavanagh | Joey Lauren Adams | Rosario Dawson | Ben Affleck | Matt Damon | Carlos Valdes | Ralph Garman | Method Man | Redman | Craig Robinson | Val Kilmer | Chris Hemsworth | Justin Long | Frankie Shaw | Diedrich Bader | Molly Shannon | Kate Micucci | Joe Manganiello | Jordan Monsanto | Harley Quinn Smith | Jennifer Schwalbach Smith | Joe Reitman

Director:  Kevin Smith

Jay and Silent Bob head back to Hollywood.

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War d746864d

DC 7 Film Collection: Shazam/Aquaman/Wonder Woman/Suicide Squad/Batman v Superman/Man of Steel/Justice League

Street Date:  10/01/2019

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Henry Cavill | Ben Affleck | Gal Gadot | Amy Adams | Jason Momoa | Amber Heard | Jesse Eisenberg | Ezra Miller | J.K. Simmons | Jeremy Irons | Willem Dafoe | Ray Fisher | Shalini Peiris | Will Smith | Jared Leto | Margot Robbie | Joel Kinnaman | Viola Davis | Jai Courtney | Cara Delevingne | Jesse Eisenberg | Jay Hernandez | Adam Beach


Includes the first seven DC films.

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War br9648627

DC 5-Film Collection

Street Date:  05/29/2018

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Henry Cavill | Ben Affleck | Gal Gadot | Amy Adams | Jason Momoa | Amber Heard | Jesse Eisenberg | Ezra Miller | J.K. Simmons | Jeremy Irons | Willem Dafoe | Ray Fisher | Shalini Peiris | Will Smith | Jared Leto | Margot Robbie | Joel Kinnaman | Viola Davis | Jai Courtney | Cara Delevingne | Jesse Eisenberg | Jay Hernandez | Adam Beach


Includes the first five DC films.

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War br642487

Ben Affleck 4-Film Collection

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Ben Affleck


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War br803693

Justice League

Theatrical Release Date:  11/17/2017

Street Date:  03/13/2018

Box Office:  $227.7 Million

Cast:  Henry Cavill [Clark Kent/Superman] | Ben Affleck [Bruce Wayne/Batman] | Gal Gadot [Diana Prince/Wonder Woman] | Amy Adams | Jason Momoa | Amber Heard | Jesse Eisenberg | Ezra Miller | J.K. Simmons | Jeremy Irons | Willem Dafoe | Ray Fisher | Shalini Peiris

Director:  Zack Snyder

Bruce Wayne assembles the Justice League to fight evil.

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War br507005

Live by Night

Theatrical Release Date:  12/25/2016

Street Date:  03/21/2017

Box Office:  $9.5 Million

Cast:  Ben Affleck | Elle Fanning | Sienna Miller | Zoe Saldana | Chris Messina | Chris Cooper | Scott Eastwood | Chris Sullivan | Anthony Michael Hall | Brendan Gleeson | Titus Welliver | Max Casella | Ford Austin | Derek Mears | Robert Glenister

Director:  Ben Affleck

Son of a cop goes down a reckless path to get get revenge.

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Wrc dh596079d

Project Greenlight: Season 4 - The Leisure Class

Street Date:  02/17/2016

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Jason Mann

Director:  Jason Mann

"Project Greenlight Executive produced by Oscar and Gold...

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War brr571774

The Accountant

Theatrical Release Date:  10/14/2016

Street Date:  01/10/2017

Box Office:  $86.2 Million

Cast:  Anna Kendrick | Ben Affleck | Jon Bernthal | J.K. Simmons | John Lithgow | Jeffrey Tambor | Cynthia Addai-Robinson | Alison Wright | Gregory Alan Williams | Kelly Collins Lintz | Ron Yuan | Kimberly Hester Huffstetler | Gary Basaraba | Fernando Chien | Andy Umberger

Director:  Gavin O'Connor

Math savant works as a freelance accountant for criminals.

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Wrc br974119

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Theatrical Release Date:  03/25/2016

Street Date:  07/19/2016

Box Office:  $330.2 Million

Cast:  Ben Affleck [Bruce Wayne/Batman] | Henry Cavill [Clark Kent/Superman] | Amy Adams [Lois Lane] | Gal Gadot [Diana Prince/Wonder Woman] | Jesse Eisenberg [Lex Luthor] | Laurence Fishburne | Holly Hunter | Callan Mulvey | Tao Okamoto | Diane Lane | Jeremy Irons

Director:  Zack Snyder

Batman and Superman must team up to stop new threat.

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Par br59197320

Jack Ryan Collection 5 Movies

Street Date:  05/03/2016

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Ben Affleck | Alec Baldwin | Harrison Ford | Morgan Freeman | Chris Pine


A collection of five Jack Ryan films.

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War d452057d

Changing Lanes / The Town

Street Date:  03/11/2014

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Ben Affleck


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Fox br2356298

Gone Girl

Theatrical Release Date:  10/03/2014

Street Date:  01/13/2015

Box Office:  $167.7 Million

Cast:  Ben Affleck [Nick Dunne] | Rosamund Pike [Amy Dunne] | Tyler Perry [Tanner Bolt] | Carrie Coon [Margo Dunne] | Kim Dickens [Rhonda Boney] | Patrick Fugit [Jim Gilpin] | Neil Patrick Harris [Desi Collings] | Emily Ratajkowski [Andie Hardy] | Sela Ward [Sharon Scheiber] | Missi Pyle [Ellen Abbott] | Scoot McNairy [Tommy] | Casey Wilson [Noelle Hawthorne] | Lee Norris [Officer Washington] | Boyd Holbrook [Jeff] | Lola Kirke [Greta] | Kathleen Rose Perkins [Shawna Kelly] | Jamie McShane [Donnelly] | David Clennon [Rand Elliot] | Lindsey Elizabeth [Bartender] | Terry Myers [Steve Eckart] | Cyd Strittmatter [Maureen Dunne] | Leonard Kelly-Young [Bill Dunne] | Lisa Banes

Director:  David Fincher

Husband is main suspect when wife goes missing.

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Fox d101144d

Road to El Dorado / Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas / Joseph: King Of Dreams

Street Date:  05/13/2014

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Kevin Kline| Brad Pitt| Ben Affleck| Kenneth Branagh| Catherine Zeta-Jones| Mark Hamill| Rosie Perez| Michelle Pfeiffer| Jodi Benson| Armand Assante| Joseph Fiennes| Steven Weber| Edward James Olmos| Dennis Haysbert| Judith Light| Jim Cummings| Timothy West| Frank Welker| Tobin Bell| Duncan Marjoribanks

Director:  Rob LaDuca, Tim Johnson, Robert Ramirez, Patrick Gilmore, Bibo Bergeron, Don Paul

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Mag br10573

To the Wonder

Theatrical Release Date:  04/12/2013

Street Date:  08/06/2013

Box Office:  $0.5 Million

Cast:  Ben Affleck [Neil] | Rachel McAdams [Jane] | Olga Kurylenko [Marina] | Javier Bardem [Father Quintana] | Charles Baker [Carpenter] | Romina Mondello [Anna] | Tatiana Chiline [Tatiana] | Marshall Bell [Bob] | Tony O'Gans [Sexton] | Lois Boston [Lois] | Michael Bumpus [Doctor] | Wigi Black [Lori] | Casey Williams [Neighbor #1] | Jack Hines [Neighbor #2] | Paris Always [Classmate #1] | Samaria Folks [Classmate #2] | Jamie Conner [Teenage Girl with Baby] | Kenneth Woodhams [Pastor] | Amy Christiansen [Mrs. Hart] | Brian Christiansen [Mr. Hart] | Emma Johnson [Carhop]

Director:  Terrence Malick

The anticipated new feature from renowned filmmaker Terre...

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Avm dleo37703d


Street Date:  11/15/2018

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Ben Affleck | Michael Apted | Adam Arkin | Paris Barclay | Peter Bogdanovich | Beau Bridges | Marc Cherry | Michael D'Amore | Geena Davis | Richard Donner | Peter Farrelly | Fern Field | Rick Finkelstein | Tobias Forrest | Jamie Foxx

Director:  Jenni Gold

A thoughtful and entertaining look at the history of disa...

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Fox br2284017

Runner Runner

Theatrical Release Date:  10/04/2013

Street Date:  01/07/2014

Box Office:  $19.2 Million

Cast:  Ben Affleck [Ivan Block] | Justin Timberlake [Richie Furst] | Gemma Arterton [Rebecca Shafran] | Anthony Mackie [Agent Shavers] | Michael Esper [Billy 'Pet' Petricoff] | Oliver Cooper [Andrew Cronin] | Christian George [Wilson] | Yul Vasquez [Delegate Herrera] | John Heard [Harry Furst] | James Molina [Esteban] | Louis Lombardi [Archie] | Vincent Laresca [Sergeant Barrancas] | Bernie O. Ramos Robledo [Handlebar Mustache] | Sam Palladio [Shecky] | David Costabile [Professor Horstein] | Ben Schwartz [Craig] | Bob Gunton [Dean Alex Monroe] | Jordan Beder [Paul Arnaud]

Director:  Brad Furman

Grad student gets caught up in gambling scheme.

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War br612036


Theatrical Release Date:  10/12/2012

Street Date:  02/19/2013

Box Office:  $136.0 Million

Cast:  Ben Affleck [Tony Mendez] | Bryan Cranston [Jack O'Donnell] | Alan Arkin [Lester Siegel] | John Goodman [John Chambers] | Kyle Chandler [Hamilton Jordan] | Scoot McNairy [Joe Stafford] | Clea DuVall [Cora Lijek] | Rory Cochrane [Lee Schatz] | Christopher Denham [Mark Lijek] | Kerry Bishe [Kathy Stafford] | Michael Parks [Jack Kirby] | Tate Donovan [Bob Anders] | Adrienne Barbeau [Nina/Serski the Gallactic Witch] | Chris Messina [Malinov] | Titus Welliver [Bates] | Richard Kind [Max Klein] | Tom Quill [Alan Sosa] | Victor Garber [Ken Taylor] | Rob Brownstein [Landon Butler] | David Sullivan [Jon Titteron] | Taylor Schilling [Christine Mendez] | Zeljko Ivanek [Robert Pender] | Bob Gunton [Cyrus Vance] | Sheila Vand [Sahar] | Keith Szarabajka [Adam Engell] | Page Leong [Pat Taylor] | Jon Woodward Kirby [Fred Kupke] | Matt Nolan [Peter Genco] | J.R. Cacia [Brice] | Aidan Sussman [Ian Mendez]

Director:  Ben Affleck

True story of CIA operation to liberate hostages from Iran.

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Anb brwc23173

The Company Men

Theatrical Release Date:  01/21/2011

Street Date:  06/07/2011

Box Office:  $4.2 Million

Cast:  Ben Affleck [Bobby Walker] | Tommy Lee Jones [Gene McClary] | Kevin Costner [Jack Dolan] | Chris Cooper [Phil Woodward] | Maria Bello [Sally Wilcox] | Craig T. Nelson [James Salinger] | Rosemarie Dewitt [Maggie Walker] | Dana Eskelson [Dierdre Dolan] | Chris Everett [Barbara] | Thomas R. Kee [Mifflin] | Craig Mathers [Conners] | Gary Galone [Karlson] | Suzanne Rico [Gail] | Adrianne Krstansky [Carol] | Lewis D. Wheeler [Ken] | Celeste Oliva [Jane] | Eamonn Walker [Danny]

Director:  John Wells

Three fired coporate hotshots must re-evaluate their lives.

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War br618919

The Town

Theatrical Release Date:  09/17/2010

Street Date:  12/17/2010

Box Office:  $92.2 Million

Cast:  Ben Affleck [Doug MacRay] | Jeremy Renner [Jem] | Rebecca Hall [Claire] | Jon Hamm [Adam Frawley] | Blake Lively [Krista] | Titus Welliver [Dino] | Chris Cooper [Mac] | Pete Postlethwaite [Fergie]

Director:  Ben Affleck

Bank robbers look for a better, crime-free life.

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Mca br63113495

Smokin' Aces 2-Movie Collection

Street Date:  01/19/2010

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Ryan Reynolds| Tom Berenger| Ray Liotta| Clayne Crawford| Joseph Ruskin| Tommy Flanagan| Alex Rocco| Maury Sterling| Wayne Newton| Martha Higareda| Jeremy Piven| Christopher Michael Holley| Ben Affleck| Ernie Hudson| Peter Berg| Michael Parks| Martin Henderson| Autumn Reeser| Lonnie "Common" Lynn| Vinnie Jones| Andy Garcia| Alicia Keys| Taraji P. Henson| Nestor Carbonell| Chris Pine| Kevin Durand| Jason Bateman| Matthew Fox

Director:  P.J. Pesce, Joe Carnahan

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Missing art medium

He's Just Not That Into You

Theatrical Release Date:  02/06/2009

Street Date:  06/02/2009

Box Office:  $93.9 Million

Cast:  Ginnifer Goodwin [Gigi] | Drew Barrymore [Mary] | Jennifer Aniston [Beth] | Jennifer Connelly [Janine] | Scarlett Johansson [Anna] | Bradley Cooper [Ben] | Ben Affleck [Neil] | Kevin Connolly [Connor] | Justin Long [Alex] | Sasha Alexander | Kris Kristofferson | Wilson Cruz [Nathan] | Cory Hardrict [Tyrone] | Hedy Burress [Laura]

Director:  Ken Kwapis

Baltimore-based couples struggle with the opposite sex.

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Par d59512657d


Theatrical Release Date:  09/04/2009

Street Date:  12/22/2009

Box Office:  $10.6 Million

Cast:  Jason Bateman [Joel] | Mila Kunis [Cindy] | Ben Affleck [Dean] | Clifton Collins Jr. [Step] | Kristen Wiig [Suzie] | Dustin Milligan [Brad] | J.K. Simmons | David Koechner | Beth Grant [Mary] | Brent Briscoe [Phil] | Matt Schulze [Willie]

Director:  Mike Judge

Freak workplace accident sets in motion a series of events.

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Mca br61119190

State of Play

Theatrical Release Date:  04/17/2009

Street Date:  09/01/2009

Box Office:  $37.0 Million

Cast:  Russell Crowe [Cal McAffrey] | Ben Affleck [Stephen Collins] | Jason Bateman [Dominic Foy] | Rachel McAdams [Della Frye] | Helen Mirren [Cameron Lynne] | Robin Wright Penn [Anne Collins] | Viola Davis [Dr. Joy Jackson] | Gregg Binkley [Ferris] | Jeff Daniels [George Fergus] | Harry Lennix [Donald Bell] | Maria Thayer [Sonia Baker] | Wendy Makkena [Greer Thornton]

Director:  Kevin Macdonald

Reporter uncovers a conspiracy in a political murder.

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Missing art medium

Push, Nevada: The Complete Series

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Derek Cecil | Liz Vassey | Scarlett Chorvat | Monty Bane | Josh Todd | Steven Culp |


The complete TV series of Push, Nevada.

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Lge d20915d

Man About Town

Street Date:  02/13/2007

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Ben Affleck | Rebecca Romijn | Bai Ling | John Cleese | Mike Binder | Gina Gershon | Adam Goldberg | Samuel Ball | Jerry O'Connell | Kal Penn | Howard Hesseman | Amber Valletta | Damien Wayans | Erica Cerra | Laura Soltis

Director:  Mike Binder

Top Hollywood agent's life starts to unravel.

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Mca br812081

Smokin' Aces

Theatrical Release Date:  01/26/2007

Street Date:  04/17/2007

Box Office:  $35.6 Million

Cast:  Jeremy Piven [Buddy 'Aces' Israel] | Ray Liotta [Donald Carruthers] | Ben Affleck [Jack Dupree] | Andy Garcia [Stanley Locke] | Ryan Reynolds [Richard Messner] | Zach Cumer [Warren] | Jason Bateman [Rip Reed] | Common [Sir Ivy] | Joseph Ruskin [Primo Sparazza] | Alex Rocoo [Serna] | Alicia Keys [Georgia Sykes] | Wayne Newton [Himself] | Peter Berg ['Pistol' Pete Deeks] | Martin Henderson [Hollis Elmore] | Christopher Holley [Bernard 'Beanie' Alfonso] | Mike Falkow [Freeman Heller] | Joe Drago [FBI Aid] | Jeff Habberstad [Top Coated Gunman] | Davenia McFadden [Loretta Wyman] | Taraji P. Henson [Sharice Watters] | Nestor Carbonell [Pasquale Acosta] | Chris Pine [Darwin Tremor] | Kevin Durand [Jeeves Tremor] | Maury Sterling [Lester Tremor] | George Fisher [McGarey] | Tommy Flanagan [Lazlo Soot] | Vladimir Kulich [The Swede] | Janet Edwards [Naked Prostitute] | Joel Edgerton [Hugo Croop] | David Proval [Victor 'Baby Buzz' Padiche] | Suzanne Stover [Prostitute #1] | Scott Halberstadt [Pimply Casinon Employee] | Lorna Scott [Hotel Receptionist] | Matthew Fox [Bill] | Lonnie Moore [Gary the Security Guard] | Patrick St. Esprit [Moustache] | Christopher Murray [Sergeant/Chief] | Michael Murphy [Sheriff Badger] | Marianne Muellerleile [Margie Turlock] | Brian Bloom [Agent Baker] | R. Paul Wilson [Magician] | Clare Carey [Laverne] | Chris Pine

Director:  Joe Carnahan

Big mob contract brings out all the heavy hitters.

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Par br59214202

Gone Baby Gone

Theatrical Release Date:  10/19/2007

Street Date:  02/12/2008

Box Office:  $20.3 Million

Cast:  Casey Affleck [Patrick Kenzie] | Michelle Monaghan [Angie Gennaro] | Amy Ryan [Helene McCready] | Morgan Freeman [Capt. Jack Doyle] | Ed Harris [Det. Remy Bressant] | Amy Madigan [Bea McCready] | John Ashton [Det. Nick Poole] | Titus Welliver [Lionel McCready] | Michael Kenneth Williams [Devin] | Edie Gathegi [Cheese] | Mark Margolis [Leon Treet] | Madeline O'Brien [Amanda McCready] | Slaine [Bubba Rogowski] | Trudi Goodman [Roberta Trett] | Matthew Maher [Corwin Earle]

Director:  Ben Affleck

Two private detectives are hired to find a kidnapped girl.

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Wei brwn2849


Theatrical Release Date:  09/22/2006

Street Date:  10/17/2006

Box Office:  $0.1 Million

Cast:  Krista Allen | Balthazar Getty | Henry Rollins | Navi Rawat | Jenny Wade | Duane Whitaker | Treach | Judah Friedlander | Jason Mewes | Josh Zuckerman

Director:  John Gulager

Cannibalistic creatures inhabit a remote bar.

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Wei br1000082

Clerks II

Theatrical Release Date:  07/21/2006

Street Date:  11/28/2006

Box Office:  $23.8 Million

Cast:  Brian O'Halloran | Jeff Anderson | Rosario Dawson | Trevor Fehrman | Jason Mewes | Kevin Smith | Jason Lee | Jennifer Schwalbach Smith | Ben Affleck | Yasmine Brito | Earthquake | Walt Flanagan | Marty Kudelka | Joel Manning | Scott Mosier | Caroline A. Rice | Jake Richardson | Zak Knutson | Ethan Suplee | Wanda Sykes

Director:  Kevin Smith

Dante and Randal continue their unassuming lives.

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Kic brk24933


Theatrical Release Date:  09/08/2006

Street Date:  02/06/2007

Box Office:  $14.3 Million

Cast:  Ben Affleck | Diane Lane | Adrien Brody | Bob Hoskins | Molly Parker | Robin Tunney | Joe Spano

Director:  Allen Coulter

Detective investigates the death of actor George Reeves.

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Mca br61169147

Dazed & Confused and Fast Times at Ridgemont High Ultimate Party Collection

Street Date:  11/02/2004

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Sean Penn | Ben Affleck

Director:  Amy Heckerling, Richard Linklater

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Avm dm543561d

The Third Wheel

Street Date:  04/20/2004

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Denise Richards [Diana] | Luke Wilson [Stanley] | Matt Damon [Kevin] | Ben Affleck [Michael] | Jay Lacopo [Phil] | Mike Schwartz [Co-worker] | Joy Gohring [Drunk Office Girl] | Bobby Slayton | Meredith Salenger

Director:  Jordan Brady

The perfect date falls apart when everything goes wrong.

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Missing art medium

The Curse Of The Bambino

Street Date:  06/01/2004

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Ben Affleck (voice)


A look at the storied history behind the Boston Red Sox/N...

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Par d59214425d

Jersey Girl

Theatrical Release Date:  03/26/2004

Street Date:  09/07/2004

Box Office:  $25.3 Million

Cast:  Ben Affleck [Ollie Trinke] | Liv Tyler [Maya] | Raquel Castro [Gertie Trinke] | George Carlin [Bart Trinke] | Jennifer Lopez [Gertrude Steiney] | Stephen Root [Greenie] | Jason Biggs [Arthur Brickman] | Mike Starr [Block] | Matt Damon [PR Exec #2] | Jason Lee [PR Exec #1] | Jennifer Schwalbach Smith [Susan] | Betty Aberlin | John Willyung | Will Smith

Director:  Kevin Smith

A music professional's life is sidetracked by wife and kid.

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Dis d34760d

Project Greenlight 2

Street Date:  07/13/2004

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Kyle Rankin | Efram Potelle | Ben Affleck | Matt Damon | Chris Moore


The complete second season of Project Greenlight.

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Par d59193777d

Surviving Christmas

Theatrical Release Date:  10/22/2004

Street Date:  12/21/2004

Box Office:  $11.2 Million

Cast:  Ben Affleck [Drew Latham] | Christina Applegate [Alicia Valco] | James Gandolfini [Tom Valco] | Catherine O'Hara [Christine Valco] | Josh Zuckerman [Brian Valco] | Bill Macy [Doo-Dah] | Jennifer Morrison [Missy Vanglider] | Udo Kier [Heinrich] | David Selby [Horace Vanglider] | Stephen Root [Dr. Freeman] | Sy Richardson [Doo-Dah Understudy] | Tangie Ambrose [Kathryn] | Tumbleweed [Santa] | Angela Gacad [Cute Girl at Play] | Tom Kenny [Man Wrapping Gift]

Director:  Mike Mitchell

A man spends Christmas with total strangers.

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Lge d16945d

SNL: The Best of Jimmy Fallon

Street Date:  01/25/2005

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Jimmy Fallon | Justin Timberlake | Paris Hilton | Mick Jagger | Robert De Niro | Janet Jackson | Ben Affleck | Ben Stiller | Ian McKellen


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Par d803299d

The Battle Of Shaker Heights

Theatrical Release Date:  08/22/2003

Street Date:  12/09/2003

Box Office:  $0.1 Million

Cast:  Shia LaBeouf [Kelly Enswiler] | Elden Henson [Lance] | Amy Smart [Tabby Bowland] | Kathleen Quinlan [Eve Enswiler] | William Sadler [Abe Ernsweiler] | Shiri Appleby [Sarah] | Ray Wise [Harrison Bowland] | Anson Mount [Miner Weber] | Philipp Karner [Maurice] | Chris McDonald [Abe Enswiler]

Director:  Efram Potelle , Kyle Rankin

A young man takes on bully and friend's older sister.

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Missing art medium


Theatrical Release Date:  08/01/2003

Street Date:  12/09/2003

Box Office:  $5.7 Million

Cast:  Ben Affleck [Larry Gigli] | Jennifer Lopez [Ricki] | Christopher Walken | Al Pacino | David Pressman | Missy Crider | Lainie Kazan | Justin Bartha | Nichole Hiltz

Director:  Martin Brest

Kidnapping mobster falls for his female cohort.

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Fox br2351990


Theatrical Release Date:  02/14/2003

Street Date:  07/29/2003

Box Office:  $102.5 Million

Cast:  Ben Affleck [Matt Murdock/Daredevil] | Colin Farrell [Bullseye] | Jennifer Garner [Elektra Natchios] | Michael Clarke Duncan [The Kingpin] | Jon Favreau [Franklin 'Foggy' Nelson] | Joe Pantoliano [Ben Urich] | Ellen Pompeo [Karen Page] | Kevin Smith [Jack Kirby] | David Keith [Jack Murdock] | Scott Terra [Young Matt Murdock] | Erick Avari [Ambassador Natchios] | Coolio [Daunte Jackson] | Kane Hodder | Robert Iler | Stan Lee

Director:  Mark Steven Johnson

Blind man uses radar super power to fight crime.

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Missing art medium

The Ben Affleck Gift Set

Street Date:  09/02/2003

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Ben Affleck


Includes Good Will Hunting, Reindeer Games and Bounce.

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Missing art medium

Boiler Room / Sleepers

Street Date:  11/18/2003

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Ben Affleck | Vin Diesel | Brad Pitt | Dustin Hoffman


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Par d59192223d


Theatrical Release Date:  12/25/2003

Street Date:  05/18/2004

Box Office:  $53.6 Million

Cast:  Ben Affleck | Uma Thurman | Aaron Eckhart | Colm Feore | Paul Giamatti | Joe Morton | John Cassini | Emily Holmes | Michael C. Hall | Kathryn Morris

Director:  John Woo

An engineer discovers his memory has been erased.

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Avm d54321d

Daddy And Them

Street Date:  01/13/2004

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Billy Bob Thornton | Ben Affleck | Kelly Preston | Diane Ladd | Jim Varney | Laura Dern | Tuesday Knight | Andy Griffith | Michael Jeter | Walton Goggins | Sandra Seacat | Brenda Blethyn | John Prine |

Director:  Billy Bob Thornton

Daddy and Them is the entertaining story of a dysfunction...

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Lge d30610d

Project Greenlight's Stolen Summer: The Movie

Theatrical Release Date:  03/22/2002

Street Date:  09/24/2002

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Aidan Quinn | Bonnie Hunt | Kevin Pollak | Brian Dennehy | Eddie Kaye Thomas | Mike Weinberg | Adi Stein

Director:  Pete Jones

Here's the big screen motion picture that fan's of HBO's ...

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Missing art medium

Changing Lanes

Theatrical Release Date:  04/12/2002

Street Date:  09/10/2002

Box Office:  $66.3 Million

Cast:  Ben Affleck | Samuel L. Jackson | Toni Collette | Amanda Peet | William Hurt | Sydney Pollock | Ileen Getz | Deen Badarou | Greg Korin | Kim Staunton

Director:  Roger Michell

Two men share an accident in New York and tempers flare.

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Dis d28052d

Project Greenlight: The Acclaimed HBO Hit Series

Street Date:  09/24/2002

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Pete Jones | Chris Moore | Ben Affleck | Matt Damon | Brian Dennehy | Bonnie Hunt | Kevin Pollak | Aidan Quinn


The complete HBO series Project Greenlight and film.

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Par br813253

The Sum Of All Fears

Theatrical Release Date:  05/31/2002

Street Date:  10/29/2002

Box Office:  $117.6 Million

Cast:  Ben Affleck | Morgan Freeman | Liev Schreiber | James Cromwell | Philip Baker Hall | Alan Bates | Bruce McGill | Jamie Harrold | Bridget Moynahan | Ron Rifkin | John Beasley | Colm Feore

Director:  Phil Alden Robinson

Jack Ryan must take on neo-Nazi terrorist group.

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Fox d101110d

Joseph King Of Dreams / Prince Of Egypt Set

Street Date:  11/19/2002

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Ben Affleck| Val Kilmer| Mark Hamill| Ralph Fiennes| Jodi Benson| Michelle Pfeiffer| Steven Weber| Sandra Bullock| Judith Light| Jeff Goldblum| Danny Glover| Patrick Stewart| Helen Mirren| Steve Martin| Martin Short

Director:  Rob LaDuca, Robert Ramirez, Brenda Chapman, Steve Hickner, Simon Wells

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Par br803436

Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back

Theatrical Release Date:  08/24/2001

Street Date:  02/26/2002

Box Office:  $30.1 Million

Cast:  Jason Mewes [Jay] | Kevin Smith [Silent Bob] | Shannon Elizabeth [Justice] | Ben Affleck [Holden McNeil/Himself] | Will Ferrell [Wildlife Marshal Willenholly] | Jason Lee [Banky Edwards/Brodie Bruce] | Brian O'Halloran [Dante Hicks] | Jeff Anderson [Randal Graves] | Eliza Dushku [Sissy] | Ali Larter [Chrissy] | Jennifer Schwalbach Smith [Missy] | Judd Nelson | Seann William Scott [Brent] | Jason Biggs [Himself] | Jules Asner [Herself] | George Carlin [Hitchhiker] | Matt Damon [Himself] | Gus Van Sant [Himself] | James Van Der Beek [Himself] | Chris Rock [Chaka Luther King] | Mark Hamill [Himself] | Carrie Fisher [Nun] | Shannen Doherty | Joe Reitman [Assistant Director] | Tracy Morgan [Pumpkin Escobar] | Alanis Morissette [God] | Joey Lauren Adams [Alyssa Jones] | Renee Humphrey [Tricia Jones] | Ever Carradine [Jay's Mom] | Dwight Ewell [Hooper] | Scott Mosier | Diedrich Bader | Jon Stewart [Reg Hartner] | Jamie Kennedy | Bryan Johnson [Steve-Dave] | Walt Flanagan [Walt the Fanboy] | Marc Blucas [The Guy]

Director:  Kevin Smith

The duo finds out a movie is being made about themselves.

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Dis br53450

Pearl Harbor

Theatrical Release Date:  05/25/2001

Street Date:  12/04/2001

Box Office:  $197.8 Million

Cast:  Ben Affleck | Josh Hartnett | Kate Beckinsale | Cuba Gooding, Jr. | Tom Sizemore | Jon Voight | Alec Baldwin | Colm Feore | James King | Dan Aykroyd | Mako | Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa | Jennifer Garner | Ted McGinley | Matthew Davis | Ewen Bremner | Eric Christian Olsen

Director:  Michael Bay

The story of Pearl Harbor and the lives lost that day.

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Trn brn445574

Boiler Room

Theatrical Release Date:  02/18/2000

Street Date:  07/11/2000

Box Office:  $16.9 Million

Cast:  Giovanni Ribisi | Vin Diesel | Nia Long | Ron Rifkin | Ben Affleck | Jamie Kennedy | Scott Caan | Nicky Katt | Taylor Nichols | Tom Everett scott | David Younger | |

Director:  Ben Younger

Young brokers want their first million from the market.

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Par br803450

Reindeer Games

Theatrical Release Date:  02/25/2000

Street Date:  08/08/2000

Box Office:  $23.4 Million

Cast:  Ben Affleck | Donal Logue | Dennis Farina | Ashton Kutcher | Gary Sinise | Charlize Theron | Danny Trejo | Clarence Williams III

Director:  John Frankenheimer

An ex-con is blackmailed into one last job.

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Mca br46200433

Joseph: King Of Dreams

Street Date:  11/07/2000

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Ben Affleck | Jodi Benson | Maureen McGovern


A young boy with visions is outcast and must struggle.

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Par d803302d


Theatrical Release Date:  11/17/2000

Street Date:  04/10/2001

Box Office:  $36.8 Million

Cast:  Ben Affleck | Gwyneth Paltrow | Natasha Henstridge | Jennifer Grey | Tony Goldwyn | Joe Morton | David Paymer | Johnny Galecki | Alex D. Linz

Director:  Don Roos

Man falls for widow of plane crash victim.

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Avm brp547804

200 Cigarettes

Street Date:  08/31/1999

Box Office:  $6.8 Million

Cast:  Paul Rudd | Courtney Love | Christina Ricci | Kate Hudson | Ben Affleck | Martha Plimpton | Jay Mohr | Casey Affleck | Janeane Garofalo | Gaby Hoffmann | Dave Chappelle | Elvis Costello | Guillermo Diaz | Angela Featherstone | Patrick Frederic | David Johansen | Catherine Kellner | Kiran Merchant | Brian McCardie | Jennifer Albano | Jenny Blong | Morgan Brown | Caleb Carr

Director:  Risa Bramon Garcia

People in their 20s seek a big party on New Year's Eve.

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Avm dp545510d

Forces Of Nature

Street Date:  09/14/1999

Box Office:  $52.8 Million

Cast:  Sandra Bullock | Ben Affleck | Maura Tierney | Steve Zahn | Blythe Danner | Ronny Cox | David Strickland | Joe Don Baker | Steve Hytner

Director:  Bronwen Hughes

Weather hinders a groom's trip to the altar.

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Col br24851


Theatrical Release Date:  11/12/1999

Street Date:  05/02/2000

Box Office:  $30.6 Million

Cast:  Linda Fiorentino | Jason Mewes | Ben Affleck | Matt Damon | Jason Lee | Chris Rock | Janeane Garofalo | Salma Hayek | Alan Rickman | George Carlin | Jeff Anderson | Bud Cort | Dwight Ewell | Walter Flanagan | Bryan Johnson | Alanis Morissette | Scott Mosier | Brian O'Halloran | Ethan Suplee | Kevin Smith

Director:  Kevin Smith

Abortion clinic worker goes on crusade to save humanity.

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Par d803498d


Street Date:  08/18/1998

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Ben Affleck | Peter O'Toole | Rose McGowan | Joanna Going | Liev Schreiber | Nicky Katt | Clifton Powell | Rick Otto | Rachel Shane | Adam Nelson | John Hammil | John Scott Clough | Michael DeLorenzo

Director:  Joe Chappelle

A professor and two sisters examine eerie killings.

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Par br59214173

Shakespeare In Love

Street Date:  08/10/1999

Box Office:  $100.2 Million

Cast:  Joseph Fiennes [Will Shakespeare] | Gwyneth Paltrow | Geoffrey Rush | Judi Dench | Simon Callow | Colin Firth | Imelda Staunton | Ben Affleck | Tom Wilkinson | Jim Carter | Martin Clunes

Director:  John Madden

The young playwright falls for the betrothed Viola.

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Dis d57928d


Street Date:  11/13/1998

Box Office:  $201.6 Million

Cast:  Bruce Willis | Ben Affleck | Liv Tyler | Billy Bob Thornton | Steve Buscemi | Will Patton | Peter Stormare | Keith David | Owen Wilson | William Fichtner | Jessica Steen | Jason Isaacs | Ken Campbell | Grayson McCouch | Clark Brolly | Marshall Teague | Chris Ellis | Eddie Griffin | Michael Clarke Duncan | John Mahon

Director:  Michael Bay

A hero tries to save Earth from an asteroid.

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Missing art medium

Going all the Way

Street Date:  01/27/1998

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Jeremy Davies | Ben Affleck | Amy Locane | Rachel Weisz | Rose McGowan | John Lordan | Jeff Buelterman | Nick Offerman | Shannon Parr | Jill Clayburgh | Lesley Ann Warren

Director:  Mark Pellington

Outgoing young veteran befriends introspective comrade.

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Par br59214176

Chasing Amy

Theatrical Release Date:  04/04/1997

Street Date:  04/18/2000

Box Office:  $12.0 Million

Cast:  Ben Affleck [Holden McNeil] | Joey Lauren Adams [Alyssa Jones] | Jason Lee [Banky Edwards] | Dwight Ewell [Hooper LaMont] | Jason Mewes [Jay] | Kevin Smith [Silent Bob] | Casey Affleck [Little Kid] | Matt Damon [Executive Shawn Oran] | Ethan Suplee [Fan] | Brian O'Halloran [Executive Jim Hicks] | Scott Mosier [Collector] | Carmen Lee [Kim] | Vincent Pereira [Pinball Player]

Director:  Kevin Smith

A straight comic book artist falls for a lesbian colleague.

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Par d59512530d

Good Will Hunting

Theatrical Release Date:  12/05/1997

Street Date:  07/07/1998

Box Office:  $138.4 Million

Cast:  Matt Damon [Will Hunting] | Robin Williams [Sean Maguire] | Ben Affleck [Chuckie Sullivan] | Minnie Driver [Skylar] | Stellan Skarsgard [Gerald Lambeau] | Casey Affleck [Morgan O'Mally] | Cole Hauser [Billy McBride] | Colleen McCauley [Cathy] | Scott William Winters [Clark] | George Plimpton [Henry Lipkin] | Rachel Majorowski [Krystyn] | John Mighton [Tom, Lambeau's Teaching Assistant] | Jennifer Deathe [Lydia] | Jessica Morton [Maurine] | Rob Lyons [Carmine Scarpaglia]

Director:  Gus Van Sant

Therapist counsels janitor with genius IQ.

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Par d803375d

Glory Daze

Street Date:  02/11/2003

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Ben Affleck | French Stewart | Alyssa Milano | Sam Rockwell | Vincent DeRamus | Vien Hong | Megan Ward | Spalding Gray | Mary Woronov | Leah Remini | Matthew McConaughey | Kristin Bauer | Sean Whalen | Brendan Fraser | Matt Damon | Meredith Salenger

Director:  Rich Wilkes

College seniors agonize over the future.

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Mvd brav408


Theatrical Release Date:  10/20/1995

Street Date:  07/20/1999

Box Office:  $2.1 Million

Cast:  Jason Lee [Brodie Bruce] | Jeremy London | Shannen Doherty | Claire Forlani | Ben Affleck | Joey Lauren Adams | Jason Mewes [Jay] | Kevin Smith [Silent Bob] | Renee Humphrey | Ethan Suplee | Priscilla Barnes | Michael Rooker | Stan Lee [Himself] | Sven-Ole Thorsen | Walt Flanagan | Bryan Johnson | Scott Mosier | Brian O'Halloran

Director:  Kevin Smith

Two loafers waster their time at a shopping mall.

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Mca d62180163d

Dazed and Confused

Street Date:  06/30/1998

Box Office:  $8.0 Million

Cast:  Jason London | Wiley Wiggins | Sasha Jenson | Rory Cochrane | Milla Jovovich | Marissa Ribisi | Adam Goldberg | Anthony Rapp | Matthew McConaughey | Ben Affleck | Parker Posey | Joey Lauren Adams | Michelle Burke | Cole Hauser | Nicky Katt

Director:  Richard Linklater

Teens waste another day in 1976 Austin, Texas.

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Par d59192255d

School Ties

Street Date:  06/29/1999

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Brendan Fraser| Matt Damon| Chris O'Donnell| Randall Batinkoff| Andrew Lowery| Cole Hauser| Ben Affleck| Anthony Rapp| Amy Locane| Peter Donat| Zeljko Ivanek| Kevin Tighe| Michael Higgins| Ed Lauter

Director:  Robert Mandel

Student hides his Jewish heritage at 1950s prep school.

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Fox br2339035

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Street Date:  09/04/2001

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Kristy Swanson | Luke Perry | Donald Sutherland | Paul Reubens | Rutger Hauer | Michele Abrams | Hilary Swank | Paris Vaughan | David Arquette | Randall Batinkoff | Candy Clark | Andrew Lowery | Sasha Jenson | Stephen Root | Natasha Gregson Wagner | Mark DeCarlo | Ben Affleck | Thomas Jane | Rikki Lake

Director:  Fran Rubel Kuzui

Valley-girl cheerleader and boyfriend vs. vampires.

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Anb d12864d


Street Date:  04/19/2005

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Patrick Duffy | Lynda Carter | Kate Mulgrew | John Anderson | Ben Affleck | Jenny Lewis | Matthew Lawrence | Robyn Peterson | Georgia Emelin

Director:  Michael Miller

Exec with three kids meets actress after wife walks.

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