Jennifer Connelly

First Name: Jennifer
Last Name: Connelly
Sex: Female
Date of Birth: December 12, 1970
Birth Place: Catskill Mountains, New York
Description: She's taken the long road to the top, but Jennifer Connelly's 15 years of patience and endurance are now memories. The last couple of years have added three Oscar nominated films, Pollock, Requiem For A Dream and A Beautiful Mind. It wasn't only the film, but A Beautiful Mind tomorrow.

Jennifer Connelly Movies

Par br212820

Top Gun: Maverick

Theatrical Release Date:  05/27/2022

Street Date:  11/01/2022

Box Office:  $718.5 Million

Cast:  Tom Cruise | Miles Teller | Jennifer Connelly | Monica Barbaro | Jon Hamm | Ed Harris | Val Kilmer | Jean Louisa Kelly | Manny Jacinto | Glen Powell | Lewis Pullman | Lyliana Wray | Roberta Sparta | Jake Picking | Jay Ellis |

Director:  Joseph Kosinski

Maverick returns to Top Gun as an instructor.

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Col d63055d

Spider-Man: Homecoming / Spider-Man: Far From Home / Spider-Man: No Way Home

Street Date:  11/15/2022

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Tom Holland | Marisa Tomei | Robert Downey Jr. | Zendaya | Tony Revolori | Laura Harrier | Donald Glover | Martin Starr | Angourie Rice | Logan Marshall-Green | Abraham Attah | Michael Mando | Jennifer Connelly | Jon Favreau | Gwyneth Paltrow | Jake Gyllenhaal | Cobie Smulders | Samuel L. Jackson | Alfred Molina | Jamie Foxx | Benedict Cumberbatch | Tobey Maguire | Andrew Garfield

Director:  Jon Watts

A collection of three Tom Holland Spider-Man films.

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Mca d813919d

The Hulk / The Incredible Hulk

Street Date:  05/02/2023

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Eric Bana | Jennifer Connelly | Sam Elliott | Nick Nolte | Edward Norton | Liv Tyler | William Hurt | Tim Blake Nelson


Includes two Hulk movies.

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Par br816469

Top Gun 2-Movie Collection

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Tom Cruise | Kelly McGillis | Anthony Edwards | Val Kilmer | Miles Teller | Jennifer Connelly | Monica Barbaro | Jon Hamm


Double the speed, double the action: re-live the iconic and

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Col d63074d

Spider-Man: 8-Movie Collection

Street Date:  12/13/2022

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Tobey Maguire | Kirsten Dunst | Willem Dafoe | James Franco | Tom Holland | Marisa Tomei | Robert Downey Jr. | Zendaya | Tony Revolori | Laura Harrier | Donald Glover | Martin Starr | Angourie Rice | Logan Marshall-Green | Abraham Attah | Michael Mando | Jennifer Connelly | Jon Favreau | Gwyneth Paltrow | Jake Gyllenhaal | Cobie Smulders | Samuel L. Jackson | Alfred Molina | Jamie Foxx | Benedict Cumberbatch | Andrew Garfield | Emma Stone | Rhys Ifans | Martin Sheen


Contains all 8 Spider-man live-action films.

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Trn brt778532

Snowpiercer: The Complete First Season

Street Date:  01/26/2021

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Jennifer Connelly | Daveed Diggs | Alison Wright | Mickey Sumner | Susan Park | Iddo Goldberg | Katie McGuinness | Lena Hall | Annalise Vand | Jaylin Fletcher


The complete first season of the TV series Snowpiercer.

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Mca d803064d

The Hulk: Ultimate Film & TV Collection

Street Date:  08/10/2021

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Eric Bana | Edward Norton | Bill Bixby | Lou Ferrigno | Jennifer Connelly | Liv Tyler | Nick Nolte | William Hurt | Sam Elliott | Tim Roth | Josh Lucas | Tim Blake Nelson | Paul Kersey | Ty Burrell | Cara Buono | Todd Tesen | Christina Cabot | Kevin Rankin | Celia Weston | Mike Erwin

Director:  Louis Leterrier , Ang Lee

Don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.

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Trn brt803933

Snowpiercer: The Complete Second Season

Street Date:  11/09/2021

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Jennifer Connelly | Daveed Diggs | Alison Wright | Mickey Sumner | Sean Bean


The complete second season of the TV series Snowpiercer.

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Dos brmv63397

Reservation Road / Return to Paradise

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Joaquin Phoenix | Mark Ruffalo | Jennifer Connelly | Vince Vaughn | Anne Heche | Jada Pinkett Smith | Vera Farmiga | Elle Fanning

Director:  Terry George

A double feature of suspense films.

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Fox d2364002d

Alita: Battle Angel

Theatrical Release Date:  02/14/2019

Street Date:  07/23/2019

Box Office:  $85.8 Million

Cast:  Rosa Salazar | Christoph Waltz | Jennifer Connelly | Mahershala Ali | Ed Skrein | Jackie Earle Haley | Keean Johnson

Director:  Robert Rodriguez

Woman wakes up with no memory in a future she doesn't know.

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Col d51471d

Only the Brave

Theatrical Release Date:  10/20/2017

Street Date:  02/06/2018

Box Office:  $18.3 Million

Cast:  Josh Brolin | Jennifer Connelly | Taylor Kitsch | Miles Teller | Jeff Bridges | Geoff Stults | Andie MacDowell | James Badge Dale | Ben Hardy | Natalie Hall | Jake Picking | Alex Russell | Pell James | Lora Martinez-Cunningham | Scott Haze

Director:  Joseph Kosinski

A look at one of the most elite firefighting units.

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Col br50717

Spider-Man: Homecoming

Theatrical Release Date:  07/07/2017

Street Date:  10/17/2017

Box Office:  $334.2 Million

Cast:  Tom Holland | Marisa Tomei | Robert Downey Jr. | Zendaya | Tony Revolori | Laura Harrier | Donald Glover | Martin Starr | Angourie Rice | Logan Marshall-Green | Abraham Attah | Michael Mando | Jennifer Connelly | Jon Favreau | Gwyneth Paltrow

Director:  Jon Watts

Young Spider-Man learns his newfound powers.

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Lge br51030

American Pastoral

Theatrical Release Date:  10/21/2016

Street Date:  02/07/2017

Box Office:  $0.5 Million

Cast:  Molly Parker | Dakota Fanning | Jennifer Connelly | Ewan McGregor | Uzo Aduba | Rupert Evans | Valorie Curry | David Strathairn | Peter Riegert | Mark Hildreth | Hannah Nordberg | Emily Peachey

Director:  Ewan McGregor

A look at an all-American family over several decades.

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Col br45535


Theatrical Release Date:  05/22/2015

Street Date:  10/13/2015

Box Office:  $0.1 Million

Cast:  Jennifer Connelly | Cillian Murphy | Melanie Laurent | Oona Chaplin | Ian Tracey | Peter McRobbie | William Shimell | Nancy Drake | Zen McGrath | Andy Murray | Winta McGrath | Judy Cook | Carson Nattrass | Cam Gates | Erika Marxx

Director:  Claudia Llosa

As we follow a mother (Jennifer Connelly) and her son (Ci...

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Missing art medium

Winter's Tale

Theatrical Release Date:  02/14/2014

Street Date:  06/24/2014

Box Office:  $12.6 Million

Cast:  Colin Farrell | Jessica Brown Findlay | Russell Crowe | Jennifer Connelly | William Hurt | Eva Marie Saint | Ripley Sobo | McKayla Twiggs | Brenda Wehle

Director:  Akiva Goldsman

Battle between good & evil played out in a mythic New York.

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Par d59173675d


Theatrical Release Date:  03/28/2014

Street Date:  07/29/2014

Box Office:  $101.2 Million

Cast:  Russell Crowe [Noah] | Jennifer Connelly [Naameh] | Emma Watson [Ila] | Anthony Hopkins [Methuselah] | Ray Winstone [Tubal Cain] | Logan Lerman [Ham] | Douglas Booth [Shem] | Kevin Durand [Og] | Barry Sloane [Poacher Leader] | Marton Csokas [Lamech] | Sami Gayle [Sami] | Nick Nolte [Samyaza] | Dakota Goyo [Young Noah] | Madison Davenport [Na'el] | Frank Langella [Azazel] | Mark Margolis [Magog] | Ariane Rinehart [Eve] | Finn Wittrock [Young Tubal Cain] | Gavin Casalegno [Young SHem] | Skylar Burke [Young Ila] | Nolan Gross [Young Ham] | Leo McHugh Carroll [Japheth] | Adam M. Griffith [Adam] | Joseph Garcia Quinn [Javan Tabal]

Director:  Darren Aronofsky

A man is chosen by God to save humanity from flood.

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Flp brme14034

Stuck in Love

Theatrical Release Date:  07/05/2013

Street Date:  10/08/2013

Box Office:  $0.1 Million

Cast:  Greg Kinnear [Bill Borgens] | Jennifer Connelly [Erica] | Nat Wolff [Rusty Borgens] | Lily Collins [Samantha Borgens] | Logan Lerman [Lou] | Kristen Bell | Liana Liberato [Kate] | Spencer Breslin [Jason] | Stephen King [Himself] | Rusty Joiner | Patrick Schwarzenegger | Alex ter Avest [Becky] | Glen Powell [Ryan] | Meredith Jackson [Student] | Katie Garfield [Hot Girl]

Director:  Josh Boone

Novelist deals with longing for ex-wife and their kids.

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Kch deoe7241d


Theatrical Release Date:  05/18/2012

Street Date:  08/21/2012

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Jennifer Connelly | Ed Harris | Emma Roberts | Toby Jones | Amy Madigan | Yeardley Smith | Harrison Gilbertson

Director:  Dustin Lance Black

Written and directed by Dustin Lance Black (MILK), VIRGIN...

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Mca d61132315d

The Dilemma

Theatrical Release Date:  01/14/2011

Street Date:  05/03/2011

Box Office:  $48.4 Million

Cast:  Vince Vaughn [Ronny Valentine] | Kevin James [Nick Brannen] | Jennifer Connelly [Beth] | Winona Ryder [Geneva] | Channing Tatum [Zip] | Queen Latifah [Susan Warner] | Amy Morton [Diane Popovich] | Chelcie Ross [Thomas Fern] | Rance Howard [Burt] | Clint Howard [Herbert Trimpy] | Eduardo N. Martinez [Felix] | Guy Van Swearingen [Saul] | Troy West [Dr. Rosenstone] | laura Whyte [Sue] | Grace Rex [Cousin Betty]

Director:  Ron Howard

Guy learns that his friend's wife is cheating on him.

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Col d38361d

Salvation Boulevard

Theatrical Release Date:  07/15/2011

Street Date:  09/18/2012

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Pierce Brosnan | Jennifer Connelly | Ed Harris | Greg Kinnear | Marisa Tomei | Isabelle Fuhrman | Jim Gaffigan | Howard Hesseman | Ele Bardha | Yul Vazquez | Mary Callaghan Lynch | Pamela Shaw | Ron Causey | Chameria Law | Cindy Chu

Director:  George Ratliff

Former Deadhead is hounded by mega church members.

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Lge d28409d


Theatrical Release Date:  01/22/2010

Street Date:  06/29/2010

Box Office:  $0.2 Million

Cast:  Paul Bettany [Charles Darwin] | Jennifer Connelly [Emma Darwin] | Jeremy Northam [Reverend Innes] | Toby Jones [Thomas Huxley] | Benedict Cumberbatch [Joseph Hooker] | Jim Carter [Parslow] | Martha West [Annie Darwin] | Teresa Churcher [Mrs. Davies]

Director:  Jon Amiel

A look at Charles Darwin, his family and his love.

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Missing art medium

He's Just Not That Into You

Theatrical Release Date:  02/06/2009

Street Date:  06/02/2009

Box Office:  $93.9 Million

Cast:  Ginnifer Goodwin [Gigi] | Drew Barrymore [Mary] | Jennifer Aniston [Beth] | Jennifer Connelly [Janine] | Scarlett Johansson [Anna] | Bradley Cooper [Ben] | Ben Affleck [Neil] | Kevin Connolly [Connor] | Justin Long [Alex] | Sasha Alexander | Kris Kristofferson | Wilson Cruz [Nathan] | Cory Hardrict [Tyrone] | Hedy Burress [Laura]

Director:  Ken Kwapis

Baltimore-based couples struggle with the opposite sex.

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Mca d62106415d


Theatrical Release Date:  09/09/2009

Street Date:  12/29/2009

Box Office:  $31.7 Million

Cast:  Elijah Wood (voice) [9] | Jennifer Connelly (voice) [7] | Christopher Plummer (voice) [1] | John C. Reilly (voice) [5] | Crispin Glover (voice) [6] | Martin Landau (voice) [2]

Director:  Shane Acker

Nine creatures hold humanity's future in their hands.

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Fox br2339138

The Day the Earth Stood Still

Theatrical Release Date:  12/12/2008

Street Date:  04/07/2009

Box Office:  $79.1 Million

Cast:  Keanu Reeves [Klaatu] | Jennifer Connelly [Helen Benson] | Jon Hamm [Michael Granier] | Kathy Bates [Regina Jackson] | Jaden Smith [Jacob Benson] | John Cleese [Professor Barnhardt] | Kyle Chandler [John Driscoll] | Robert Knepper [Colonel] | James Hong [Mr. Wu] | John Rothman [Dr. Myron] | Sunita Prasad [Rouhani] | Juan Riedinger [William Kwan] | Sam Gilroy [Tom] | Tany Champoux [Isabel] | Roger Cross [General Quinn] | Edward Fong [Wu's Grandson]

Director:  Scott Derrickson

Scientist must convince alien that humans are worth saving.

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Missing art medium

The $treet: The Complete Series

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Tom Everett Scott | Jennifer Connelly | Adam Goldberg | Bridgette Wilson | Melissa De Sousa | Jennie Garth | Heather Burns | Christian Campbell | Bradley Cooper | Nina Garbiras | Rick Hoffman | Sean Maher | Giancarlo Esposito


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Mca d62033448d

Reservation Road

Theatrical Release Date:  10/19/2007

Street Date:  04/08/2008

Box Office:  $0.1 Million

Cast:  Joaquin Phoenix [Ethan Learner] | Mark Ruffalo [Dwight Arno] | Jennifer Connelly [Grace Learner] | Mira Sorvino [Ruth Wheldon] | Elle Fanning [Emma Learner] | Eddie Alderson [Lucas Arno] | John Slattery [Steve] | Linda Dano [Grandmother] | Gary Kohn [Norris Wheldon] | Susan Powell [Elegant Parent] | Cordell Clyde Lochin [Jimmy McBride] | Nora Ferrari [Nora] | Geisha Otero [Blanca] | Brett Haley [Brett] | Armin Amiri [Rashid] | John Rothman [Minister] | Stephanie Weyman [Cheryl]

Director:  Terry George

Fathers involved in same accident react in different ways.

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Trn dn10657d

Little Children

Theatrical Release Date:  10/06/2006

Street Date:  05/01/2007

Box Office:  $5.2 Million

Cast:  Kate Winslet | Patrick Wilson | Jennifer Connelly | Jackie Earle Haley | Noah Emmerich | Sadie Goldstein | Ty Simpkins | Gregg Edelman | Trini Alvarado

Director:  Todd Field

Suburban housewife has an affair with an ex-jock.

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Missing art medium

Blood Diamond

Theatrical Release Date:  12/08/2006

Street Date:  03/20/2007

Box Office:  $57.3 Million

Cast:  Leonardo DiCaprio [Danny Archer] | Jennifer Connelly [Maddy Bowen] | Djimon Hounsou [Solomon VAndy] | Arnold Vosloo | Stephen Collins | Jimi Mistry | Michael Sheen | Ato Essandoh | Basil Wallace | Benu Mabhena

Director:  Edward Zwick

Two men work together to procure valuable diamond.

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Dis br52755

Dark Water

Theatrical Release Date:  07/08/2005

Street Date:  12/26/2005

Box Office:  $25.4 Million

Cast:  Jennifer Connelly | John C. Reilly | Dougray Scott | Tim Roth | Camryn Manheim | Shelley Duvall | Pete Postlethwaite | Ariel Gade | Perla Haney-Jardine

Director:  Walter Salles

A woman and her daughter try to evade mysterious dark water.

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Mca br61203196

The Hulk

Theatrical Release Date:  06/20/2003

Street Date:  10/28/2003

Box Office:  $131.9 Million

Cast:  Eric Bana [Bruce Banner] | Jennifer Connelly [Betty Ross] | Sam Elliott [Thaddeus Ross] | Nick Nolte [David Banner] | Josh Lucas [Major Glenn Talbot] | Brooke Langton [Jennifer Sossman] | Sasha Barrese [Alice] | Mike Erwin [Teenage Bruce Banner] | Lou Ferrigno [Head of Security]

Director:  Ang Lee

A man exposed to radiation goes through changes.

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Missing art medium

Beautiful Mind / Emperor's Club Set

Street Date:  12/16/2003

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Kevin Kline | Russell Crowe | Jennifer Connelly


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Missing art medium

Hulk / Jurassic Park III Set

Street Date:  01/02/2004

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Eric Bana | Jennifer Connelly | William H. Macy | Tea Leone


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War dp370362d

House Of Sand And Fog

Theatrical Release Date:  12/26/2003

Street Date:  03/30/2004

Box Office:  $12.5 Million

Cast:  Jennifer Connelly | Ben Kingsley | Ron Eldard | Kim Dickens | Shohreh Aghdashloo | Jonathan Ahdout | Frances Fisher | Navi Rawat | Carlos Gomez | Kia Jam | Jaleh Modjallal | Samira Damavandi | Matthew Simonian

Director:  Vadim Perelman

A woman vows to get her house back by any means.

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Mca br61121122

A Beautiful Mind

Theatrical Release Date:  12/21/2001

Street Date:  06/25/2002

Box Office:  $170.7 Million

Cast:  Russell Crowe | Ed Harris | Jennifer Connelly | Adam Goldberg | Christopher Plummer | Paul Bettany | Vivien Cardone | Judd Hirsch | Josh Lucas | Anthony Rapp

Director:  Ron Howard

The true story of a math prodigy overcoming schizophrenia.

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Avm bru13615

Waking The Dead

Theatrical Release Date:  03/24/2000

Street Date:  09/26/2000

Box Office:  $0.3 Million

Cast:  Billy Crudup | Hal Holbrook | Jennifer Connelly | Janet McTeer | Paul Hipp | Leah Pinsent

Director:  Keith Gordon

A man struggles with his past as he runs for Congress.

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Lge br56380

Requiem For A Dream

Theatrical Release Date:  10/06/2000

Street Date:  05/22/2001

Box Office:  $3.1 Million

Cast:  Ellen Burstyn | Jared Leto | Jennifer Connelly | Marlon Wayans | Christopher McDonald | Louise Lasser | Keith David | Sean Gullette | Dylan Baker | Ajay Naidu | Brian Costello | Ben Shenkman

Director:  Darren Aronofsky

Four people in Brooklyn fight for a better life.

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Col d06454d


Theatrical Release Date:  12/15/2000

Street Date:  07/24/2001

Box Office:  $7.7 Million

Cast:  Ed Harris | Marcia Gay Harden | Amy Madigan | Jennifer Connelly | Jeffrey Tambor | Bud Cort | John Heard | Val Kilmer | Stephanie Seymour | Tom Bower | Robert Knott | Matthew Sussman | Sada Thompson | Norbert Weisser

Director:  Ed Harris

The life story of American artist Jackson Pollock.

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Trn dn40288d

Dark City

Street Date:  07/28/1998

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Rufus Sewell | Kiefer Sutherland | Jennifer Connelly | William Hurt | Richard O'Brien | Ian Richardson | Colin Friels | Mitchell Butel | Frank Gallacher | Bruce Spence | Melissa George | John Bluthal

Director:  Alex Proyas

Ominous beings track an amnesiac accused of murder.

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Anb d61001d

Inventing The Abbotts

Street Date:  03/13/2001

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Joaquin Phoenix | Billy Crudup | Liv Tyler | Will Patton | Kathy Baker | Jennifer Connelly | Joanna Going | Barbara Williams

Director:  Pat O'Connor

Class distinctions affect two Illinois families.

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Missing art medium

Far Harbor

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Edward Atterton| Jennifer Connelly| Dan Futterman| Marcia Gay Harden| Andrew Lauren| George Newbern| Tracee Ellis Ross| Jim True

Director:  John Huddles

A stranger's yacht disrupts a weekend gathering.

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Missing art medium

Mr. Spreckman's Boat

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Jennifer Connelly| Edward Atterton| Jim True| Marcia Gay Harden| Dan Futterman| Andrew Lauren| George Newbern| Tracee Ellie Ross

Director:  John Huddles

Troubled guests visit couple at Long Island summer home.

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Kic brk1428

Mulholland Falls

Street Date:  11/02/2004

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Nick Nolte | Melanie Griffith | Chazz Palminteri | Michael Madsen | Chris Penn | Treat Williams | Jennifer Connelly | Daniel Baldwin | Andrew McCarthy | John Malkovich | Bruce Dern | Ed Lauter | Kyle Chandler | Larry Garrison | Chelsea Harrington | Johnna Johnson | Rick Johnson | Britt Burr | Mindy Clarke | Ernie Lively

Director:  Lee Tamahori

Ex-lover's murder creates problems for '50s L.A. cop.

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Smd br55082

Higher Learning

Street Date:  07/03/2001

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Omar Epps| Kristy Swanson| Michael Rapaport| Jennifer Connelly| Ice Cube| Jason Wiles| Tyra Banks| Cole Hauser| Laurence Fishburne| Bradford English| Regina King| Busta Rhymez| Jay Ferguson| Andrew Bryniarski

Director:  John Singleton

Racial tensions divide college campus.

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Avm dp681972d

Of Love And Shadows

Street Date:  10/08/2002

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Jennifer Connelly | Antonio Banderas | Stefania Sandrelli | Camilo Gallardo | Patricio Contreras | Susana Cortinez

Director:  Betty Kaplan

Photographer and woman oppose Chilean military.

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Missing art medium

The Heart Of Justice

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Eric Stoltz| Jennifer Connelly| Dermot Mulroney

Director:  Bruno Barreto

Rich beauty lures newsman onto murder; Keith Reddin play.

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Kic brk25357

Career Opportunities

Street Date:  10/27/1998

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Frank Whaley| Jennifer Connelly| Dermot Mulroney| Kieran Mulroney| John M. Jackson| Jenny O'Hara| Noble Willingham| Barry Corbin| John Candy

Director:  Bryan Gordon

Night janitor and playgirl thwart armed robbers in store.

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Dis br108373

The Rocketeer

Street Date:  08/17/1999

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Bill Campbell| Jennifer Connelly| Timothy Dalton| Alan Arkin| Paul Sorvino| Terry O'Quinn| Ed Lauter| James Handy| Tiny Ron| Robert Guy Miranda| John Lavachielli| Eddie Jones

Director:  Joe Johnston

Goons chase rocket-backpack hero in 1938 Hollywood.

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Kic brk25296

The Hot Spot

Street Date:  06/13/2000

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Don Johnson| Virginia Madsen| Jennifer Connelly| Charles Martin Smith| William Sadler| Jerry Hardin| Barry Corbin| Jack Nance| Leon Rippy| Virgil Frye| John Hawker

Director:  Dennis Hopper

Texas drifter tempted by two women and a bank.

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Kic dk22658d


Theatrical Release Date:  03/17/1989

Street Date:  12/19/2017

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Jennifer Connelly | Gary McCleery | Laurent Terzieff | Olimpia Carlisi | Mario Marozzi | Donald Hodson | Charles Durning

Director:  Peter Del Monte

Ballerina Claire Hamilton travels from the United States ...

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Kic brk26026

Some Girls

Street Date:  02/12/2008

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Patrick Dempsey| Jennifer Connelly| Sheila Kelley| Andre Gregory| Florinda Bolkan| Lila Kedrova

Director:  Michael Hoffman

Coed with sisters brings U.S. boyfriend to Quebec.

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Col br57538


Street Date:  10/05/1999

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  David Bowie | Jennifer Connelly | Toby Froud | Shelley Thompson | Christopher Malcolm | Natalie Finland | Shari Weiser | Brian Henson | Ron Mueck

Director:  Jim Henson

Teen in maze to save stepbrother from goblin.

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Wrc d180030d

Seven Minutes In Heaven

Street Date:  06/20/2011

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Jennifer Connelly| Maddie Corman| Byron Thames| Alan Boyce| Michael Zaslow| Polly Draper| Marshall Bell| Billy Wirth| Terry Kinney| Spalding Gray| Michael Higgins| Denny Dillon| Lauren Holly| Paul Martell| Margo Skinner| Matthew Lewis

Director:  Linda Feferman

Brainy boy, boy-crazy girl and buddy grow up.

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Mvd br0323793


Street Date:  05/27/2008

Box Office:  $0.0 Million

Cast:  Jennifer Connelly | Donald Pleasence | Dalila Di Lazzaro | Fausto Avelli | Patrick Bauchau | Federica Mastroianni | Francesca Ottaviani

Director:  Dario Argento

Girl abroad sends insects to help scientist fight monster.

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