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Estimated for release in August but not yet announced: Air BTS Permission to Dance on Stage - Seoul: Live Viewing BTS: Yet to Come Chevalier The Forgotten Carols His Only Son Nefarious Polite Society Radhe Shyam The Resort Somewhere in Queens The Super Mario Bros. Movie Suzume True to the Game 2

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    Title Theatrical DVD Release Blu-Ray Release 4K UHD Release Rating Box Office View
    Ferris Bueller's Day Off N/A 10/19/1999 05/05/2009 08/01/2023 PG-13 $70.1M Quick View
    The Last House on the Left 03/13/2009 08/18/2009 06/02/2009 08/29/2023 R $32.7M Quick View
    Weird Science 08/02/1985 08/29/2000 10/08/2013 08/22/2023 PG-13 $23.8M Quick View
    Akira Kurosawa's Dreams N/A 03/18/2003 11/15/2016 08/08/2023 PG N/A Quick View
    Nightbreed N/A 08/21/2001 10/28/2014 08/01/2023 R N/A Quick View
    Hackers N/A 08/25/1998 08/18/2015 08/22/2023 PG-13 N/A Quick View
    City Of The Living Dead N/A 02/27/2007 05/25/2010 08/15/2023 Not Rated N/A Quick View
    The Toxic Avenger Collection N/A 08/16/2005 N/A 08/29/2023 Not Rated N/A Quick View
    Rape of the Vampire N/A 05/15/2012 05/15/2012 08/22/2023 Not Rated N/A Quick View
    The Night of the Hunted N/A N/A 08/22/2023 08/22/2023 Not Rated N/A Quick View

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